NYC Handgun laws

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      NYC Handgun laws

      Hello. Are NYC gun laws strict as to who can get handguns? I would like very much to buy a handgun and I found the NYC permit page. Can any Homeowner get one or does it have to be used solely for business purposes?

      In life, Ive felt a few times where I would have benefited from having the additional protection offered by a handgun because of certain events that have happened. I realize a carry permit is probably impossible and not going to happen in NYC especially if you aren't a business owner, but is a residential permit possible?

      The permit application seems to rely heavily on "Business" and I know gun laws are strict here.

      I just don't want to waste time filling out the NYC permit and then get denied claiming it is not for business reasons.

      Take care and thank you. I am not sure if there is a better place for me to post this so I apologize if its not the right place in advance.

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      1- you never know until you try
      2 - I (being a non famous person) wouldn't even try in NYC.
      That being said, I haven't tried in NYC and could be wrong, but when a specific city has tougher restrictions than the rest of the state... and that state is already among the strictest, that ought to say something.

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