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    Self Defense

    New to everything; Just trying to have a clear picture of everything

    • Are self-defense cases (or issues) something i need be concerned about in NYS, that is-- I hear breaking-and-entry noise in the middle of the night, someone enters my home illegally (with crimminal intent); I find it necessary to use my weapon; how complicated do thing's get for me in that situation or instance?

    • I've read some NYS laws, but have you any suggestions? are there thing's i need be aware of?

    • Is there formal training on the legal aspects of a SD situation; does NYS provide any such information via mail during application or registration process?

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    Hey qpoint,

    Well I don't live up there so I can't attest to the laws of NYS. However I can say that every state has a website these days. I would do a search for NYS governors office, or state department, or something to that effect. There you will probably have to rummage through lots of links but somewhere in there you should be able to find information on laws pertaining to everything you listed.

    Another option would be to go to your local police precinct and ask them. Sometimes police departments have pamphlets on such things or even offer training classes themselves.

    As for you formal training question that is a state by state issue. In Alabama for instance you sign a piece of paper, they do a background check, and poof you have a concealed carry permit. However is some states, Texas for example, you have to complete 8-10 hours of instruction that includes target practice with a live weapon as well as instruction on SD protocol. Whatever the case with NYS it is probably safe to assume that there are third party classes that cover any and all topics you could desire. Do a search for weapons and SD training classes in your area and I am sure you will have no problem finding some. Just check and make sure that the class offers what you want and try to see what the reputation of the facility is. Good luck.

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    Massad Ayoob, who has been writing books and magazine articles for decades, runs the Lethal Force Institute which offers much information and training in the legal aspects of self defense. He offers seminars all across the country. There is more detailed info on his website.

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    Thank you both for your replies. I follow your advice.

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    Here in the great state of New York, you are not allowed to use Deadly Force unless your life or the life of someone else is in imminent threat of deadly force and you are unable to flee. This means that unless someone is about to kill you or your buddy next to you, you are not supposed to shoot them. And if they are trying to kill you, you are supposed to try and run away before you fight back.

    There is no Castle Doctrine in NY. If you ever have to shoot someone, every thing you've ever worked for will be liquidated and spent on your defense from criminal charges and the inevitable lawsuit from the "victim's" family.


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    Just makes me want to move right now!!

    Sure..We'll not take away your rights..As long as you don't use the arms everything is fine...whew.

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