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    Can a weapon be registered to more than one person?

    My wife and I are both applying for our permits. The weapon is mine, however, my wife has decided to train and target practice with me so that we are both comfortable with the weapon and skilled to use it if necessary in a SD situation.

    I am told that in a SD situation as long as there is one registered/licensed person in the house another party (such as a spouse) may use the weapon legally for SD. That is not our situation since both of us will be licensed, but, what of the registration issue?

    New York State

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    That is a question better answered by the agency that is responsible for registration in your City/County/State.

    I'm moving this to the NY forum as answers from other States really won't help you.
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    You can have multiple users with the same gun listed on their permits in NY. Its not such a big deal in terms of self defense in the home (in that case, the police will be taking the gun anyway). The bigger issue is that in NY, if you were to die and your wife didn't have the gun listed on her permit, she would have to turn it over to the county sheriff for "safe keeping" until she could either get it transferred to her permit, or sell it to someone else.

    We had an incident in Orange County a few years back where the deputy sheriff in charge of the "safe keeping" of these type of weapons was convicted of selling some of them. Link Another Link Something to think about...

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    gee... ugly situation with the selling of those guns and all. thanks for the info. that won't be an issue as we'll make sure registration is of such that should i pass on it remains with her.

    thanks for the info. on registration in NYS. i appeciate it.

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