"Did you mean "county" or "country"? Most gun laws are handled at the state level, and I can't say I've heard of a state with more than two levels of permit: possession and concealed carry (maybe open carry, not sure).

In addition to what Gearheart recommended, I'd also add your local PD, and your state attorney general's office. Also try http://www.carryconcealed.net.

Disclaimer: I'm not a lawyer. However, I'm almost positive you'd get in serious trouble with what you propose. The only states that allow concealed carry without a concealed carry license are Alaska and Vermont. Every other state requires a valid permit to be carrying concealed for any reason."

Above was posted by KG333 in response to a thread I started that was closed. Just want to set the record straight.
I figured the reason a forum like this exists is to inform the uninformed and to educate those who seek knowledge in one subject or another.
My state like most others is made up of counties. Each county is in charge of its own handgun license laws/rules. The county I happen to live in breaks it down into several categories. Premesis, hunting, target/sport, business, and full carry. Maybe I just informed you of something you did not know.
I apologize to anyone who was offended by my original post, as I did not intend to obtain and or provide a conduit for any not so legal information or tactics. I am merely a new permit holder looking for info on all the nuances of whats legal and not legal. Besides if I was looking to skirt the law I wouldn't have even bothered to obtain a pistol permit in the second hardest COUNTY in the COUNTRY next to New York City there is.