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    travel question

    So the closest public range to me is about 25 miles away. After work if i wanted to go its a real pain in the ass. What i'm wondering is:

    Am I able to bring a locked-out, in the case pistol to my OWN place of business, with NO LIVE AMMUNITION in my possession. Lock it up there for the day with the only key in my possession, then drive to the range, then back home. With NO DEVIATIONS between home to work, work to the range, and the range back home.

    Is this deemed unlawful in NJ?

    I do love NJ but at the same time the gun laws here SUCK. The "travel" law in NJ basically says I am supposed to go from Home to the range and the range back home with no stopping in between.

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    I dunno 'bout no New Jersey laws, but in most states your own place of business is considered to be equivalent to your own home.
    (For instance, a taxi is a "place of business," according to some states' laws. Even in those states which all but forbid concealed carry, for instance California, a taxi driver may have a concealed weapon in his cab without the necessity of obtaining a concealed-carry license.)
    (For a further example, if you live in a rented apartment it is nevertheless considered to be your own home, so, by extension, a rented business premises is equally your own business premises, just as if you owned the building.)

    Just to be safe, however, I strongly suggest asking your business lawyer for an answer to your question.
    I am not a lawyer, nor do I know anything about New Jersey law, so my opinion is not to be relied upon.

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    The State Police (or even the local LEO's) will/should know better than we will. A five minute phone call will get you the definite answer.

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