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    New Jersey Pending Gun Legislation. Please Read!

    Are there any New Jersey residents out there opposed to S2470, S2934, and S2431?

    These are three bills that according to the NRA E-mail updates just passed through the Public Safety and Veterans' Affairs Committee. They are scheduled to go to the Senate floor to be voted on.

    According to the NRA Email, S2470 involves criminalizing the transfer of ammunition to anyone who does not have a "valid New Jersey firearms ID card, handgun carry or purchase permit, or hunting license."

    S2934 involves make "honest gun owners responsible for the acts of criminals if they fail to 'immediately' report the theft or loss of a firearm that is later used in a crime."

    S2431, "Among other things, would criminalize and severely punish the mere possession of certain firearms, including registered handguns, even while engaged in lawful activities."

    Your thoughts on these bills?

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    Par for the NJ course. As a NJ resident nothing seems to shock me anymore. As soon as I can open an office in PA for my company I'm outta here.

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    I had enough, and now reside in Fl. Pretty soon, only the criminals will have guns.
    Florida, Pennsylvania, Ohio, or Texas will welcome law-abiding gun owners.

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