New shooter, new buyer, Springfield XD Mod 2 versus ___fill_in_the_blank____

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      New shooter, new buyer, Springfield XD Mod 2 versus ___fill_in_the_blank____

      Hi everbody,

      I just recently got into shooting, as I approach my big 5-Oh.

      Instead of new years resolutions, I just try to learn something new every year. My wife bought me a keyboard for Christmas, which is nice and all, but I kind of already had my mind made up that this was the year that I was going to try my hand in shooting.

      Before this year, the only gun that I had ever touched in my life as a 22LR rife in cub scouts almost 40 years ago. I always remembered enjoying that part of camp fondly, but never got around to checking it out again. So I bought my first 22LR rifle in Jan. That's all I was really interested in, just plinking, and had no real desire to obtain or even explore handguns. But somehow, over the past few months, I've become intrigued by more and more facets of firearms, and now I want to purchase a 9mm semi-auto.

      I've been to the range a few times, and so far have tested out and shot a Springfield XD Mod2 and a Glock 19. I seem to be taking a liking the Springfield a lot, but I want to test some others out first before making a decision. The first time I shot the Springfield, it just felt natural, and I surprised myself by how well I thought I did -- I thought they were fairly respectable groupings for a first-time shooter, at 5, 7 and 10 yards.

      Today, I went back and tried out the Glock 19 -- I wasn't very happy with it at all. I had trouble concentrating with it, and I still managed to hit the paper target throughout, but was more all over the place, and didn't really have any nice groupings to speak of. After my first 2 boxes of ammo, I went back out and rented the Springfield again. Did much, much better. Something about it feels very natural in my hand.

      If there were 2-3 other guns in this category to test before buying an XD Mod 2, what would you recommend for comparison? S&W? Ruger? Sig?
      Or should I just screw it and go with with my instinct and what feels right, even though I've only shot 2 different guns?

      Thanks for any input!

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      I would suggest going to a range or friends and try shooting several different models. Then get the one that fits YOU. You is the WHO that hasta shoot your new piece. Good Luck & enjoy yourself! Welcome to the Forum & shooting!

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      If you're looking for the same size, I would try a S&W M&P compact, and a rugger sr9c, or even the new american from rugger. My opinion , I like the mod2 had one for a while , shoots very nice, and just feels good in my hand. Good luck on your quest, many options out there.

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      Most people find it hard to control smaller pistols. These require a lot of practice.
      Try something large like a Beretta 92fs. The weight and size reduce the recoil. It is a soft and fun pistol for me to shoot.

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      As Blackhawkman says, "You is the WHO..." I'm thinking you should try out a Ruger SR9c before making your choice - it's a very nice gun. My carry gun is an SR40c; the 40S&W is a might 'hot' for a new shooter in a 'compact' pistol though.

      Anyway, enjoy.

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      I am guessing you shot the service model with 4" barrel XD Mod 2. As far as the category of pistol goes, the XD is a polymer-frame, striker-fired pistol. Apart from Springfield XD and Glocks, there are now many pistols in that category. Smith and Wesson M&P and Ruger have been mentioned. Some other excellent polymer-frame, striker-fired pistols are the SIG Sauer P320, the Heckler and Koch VP9, the Walther PPQ, and the FN FNS. And new models are popping up almost monthly with a new offering from CZ and a model from Beretta soon to appear.

      There are lots of other pistol types to consider other than polymer-frame, striker-fired pistols, although that category is typically less expensive than all-metal, hammer-fired pistols.

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      When you find a good deal on a quality gun that you shoot well, just buy it. All of the XD variants are great pistols and are priced competitively. Listening to people regale the superiority of Glocks and Sigs and HK's does you no good and just gets too confusing. I own XD's and S&W's, Glock, and CZ, Walther and Ruger and I can tell you that they each have little things I like and don't like. But, they are all fun to shoot, reliable, and just as accurate as their more expensive competitors. Avoid off-brands or models that people complain about excessively, and understand that even the quality gun makers let a few guns slip by in quality control...occasionally.

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      First off find a range and take a basic pistol safety course. Then continue to try out as many different models as you can to find which is the best fit to you. Yes it will cost you a little more before buying but it will save you much more on ones you don't like or becomes uncomfortable to shoot. Good luck with your never ending search for your perfect handgun.

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