Gun storage For New Shooters

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      Gun storage For New Shooters

      If you are new to handguns you need to buy a quality gun safe. Period, must have, top priority. My personal preference is mechanical locks only. And you don't have to spend thousands of dollars. Liberty safe is one example. The 12 gun Revolution for example can be had at around $450. safe-revolution-12-exterior-black-textured-black-gray-fabric-img-lg_s23_g71_gp146_ch5_ce16.jpg

      You also need a gunbox in your vehicle if you carry. 5-Star gunsafe is my preference. box-with-chain.jpg

      I also prefer a gunbox for the night stand. Shotlok is one example. 454490105_640.jpg

      This is important. You MUST be able to secure your firearms. No child should EVER "find" a gun.

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      That 5-star portable safe looks pretty sturdy. I'm sure it's better than my nano vault but it should be with it costing eight times as much.

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