St Etienne 5 Shot Revolver (Derringer)????

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      St Etienne 5 Shot Revolver (Derringer)????


      I need a little help with this if you would. I have a 5 shot, foldout trigger revolver with the only markings being on the outside of the cylinder "St Etienne". I know the St Etienne guns were made in France but other than that, I can't find anything on this. It appears to be well made and works very well (I have no rounds that fit this currently). The caliber is somewhat odd and the only rounds I can find that closely match would be the 32 Colt Short. It has what I believe are ivory grips. See attached a couple photos. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

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      The Manufactury of Arms of St. Etienne made only military weapons for the French government. Therefore, your pistol was not made by the big St. Etienne factory.
      Nevertheless, it may indeed be French, and it may have been made in St. Etienne—just not by the big, government-run factory.

      I think that it is more likely that it is Belgian.
      To find out, it would be lovely if you could closely photograph any other, small markings on the gun.
      These would be its proof marks, and they would define its country of origin.

      If there are no other markings anywhere on it, which is unlikely, it is most probable that the pistol was made in Spain.

      In any case, do not try to fire this pistol. It is not strong enough to accept modern cartridges.

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