some loads fail to chamber
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    some loads fail to chamber

    I am a new gun owner. My Beretta Storm .45 full size model F (bought brand new) will fail to chamber a load about one in 75-100 shots. I have read that holding the gun to loosely while it is fired may be a cause for this. One of the times I looked closely at the jam and saw 9once the jam was removed) that there was a clean silver area where the bullet had jammed up. I asked about this and was told that it simply had rubbed away some of the gunpowder residue from that spot. I have the two magazines that came with the gun and have had all the problems with the ten round magazine. I think the spring in the ten round magazine feels weaker than the one in the nine rounder.
    Also I am getting older and wear reading glasses to read in all but the brightest light. I have a tough time focusing on the sights when both eyes are open. Any suggestions as to sight changes. I have thought about the "Big Sights" (or something like that) or some type of night sights. I have done all my shooting indoors to this point, but plan to shoot in an IDPA competition this weekend which is held outside. I am looking forward to drawing and shooting and moving and shooting and well hell just to go shooting.
    Thanks for any info on either subject.

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    As far as sights go I would say the XS Big Dot Night Sights should help your eyes out. So many things could cause that FTF but I would say it's the mag before the gun. If you have the time and ammo I say shoot 100 rds with the 9 rd mag and see if you have the same problems and then I would clean the gun too before starting to test shoot again.

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    Well, I really can't speak too detailed about the FTFs bc I'm not familiar with the storm, but an easy way to address the issue is to let a gunsmith have a look at it. They will be able to at least point you in the right direction.

    Wrt the sights, it could either be that you need more than reading glasses, or some sort of illuminating sight. There are some really nice night sights that can aid you in this. The storm has a decent reputation, so it likely isn't the gun. Spend as much time with it as possible. Getting acquainted is critical. Good luck!

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    Agree that it may be the magazine before the firearm... but you never know... a gunsmith should have a look. Using some reloads can cause FTF issues too, unsure whether your problems are occurring with factory ammo or reloads.

    Fiber optic sights really "pop" and help out older/diminishing eyes... especially outdoors. My eyes are not bad, but I find acquiring the front sight much faster with a fiber optic front sight. I run fiber optic front sights on my CZ 75, Sig P226, Ruger GP100 and M&P Pro. Affordable and great for competitive shooters looking for better times. For rear sights I prefer black-out style (no dots). Not for everyone, but I really like them.

    Here's my CZ done last December...They work well on revolvers too...Even putting em' on my shotgun improved my sporting clay accuracy.

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    I have discussed this sight/vision problem with the Optometrist we use, in preparation for the day when I have more of the same problem.
    (To date, I can make do with what I've got. But it's going to get worse.)

    Here are the remedies he has suggested:
    1. An optical "dot," a small-diameter supplementary lenslet, can be cemented (by the optical lab) to your normal eyeglass lens in exactly the right place, permitting you to properly focus on your front sight when you look through that particular area of the eyeglass lens. For me, that small area is to be located in the far upper left-hand corner of my right eye's eyeglass lens.
    2. A bifocal—or trifocal—lens set can be created for your eyeglasses, with the uppermost area of each lens—or of only one lens—cut to permit you to focus on your front sight in the correct and approved manner.
    3. Separate shooting glasses can be made for you, with both entire lenses set to focus on the front sight—or, one lens for the front sight, and the other lens for infinity. (You may be able to use inexpensive drug-store reading glasses for this!)

    There is also the Merit Optical Attachment, which goes onto your master-eye's glasses lens with a suction cup, and irises down to sharpen your focus with that eye.

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    I guarantee if you manually unload a full magazine with just your thumb ,,,the nose ( bullet) will hang or drag . Take the mag out of the gun of course.
    When this happens you loose the correct angle the ammo should be positioned for the slide to auto feed

    Ohh forgot to mention I own two storms and a friend with the same mag issue
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    Thanks for the input everyone. I took both magazines apart and cleaned them. I have had only one failure to load with the ten round magazine since then. It failed to chamber a bullet during shooting and I dropped the magazine cleared the gun put the bullet back into the top of the magazine and it would not chamber two times in a row. I figure that was an ammo problem not a gun problem.
    I also shot at my first IDPA competition without any failures to chamber through 75 rounds and have put another 300 rounds through it since without a problem. I also bought two extra ten round magazines for the next IDPA competition. ( I had a great time at the last one!)
    As far sights go, I found the perfect sights for me, TruGlo TFOs however they aren't available for the Storm. I opted for a set of Trijicons and have not shot in low light with them yet. They don't seem to do much during the day or in good lighting, and my accuracy is still the same.

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