Ejection problems
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    Ejection problems

    I am experienced in revolvers but am trying out a Colt .22 I am interested in buying. I shot it yesterday and this morning and it worked beautifully. When I tryed it again in the evening I had to manually pull back the slide to eject the casing. After one shot the hammer would go back to half shot. I'm not sure if this is a fault on mine or there's an internal problem. Sorry for the stupid question lol

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    Which Colt .22?
    Woodsman? Ace? Other 1911 type?

    Recoil is probably not a factor. Maybe the works are dirty.
    If it's one of those "floating chamber" designs, cleanliness is important.

    But—what the heck—since the .22 doesn't generate a lot of recoil, and the gun works on recoil, you may not be gripping it tightly enough, or with sufficiently rigid arms, so you may be absorbing some of the recoil it needs.

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    "After one shot the hammer would go back to half shot."

    I read that as an external hammer so that rules out the woodsman.If it's a 1911 pattern,does the slide and frame say Colt or just the frame?A fullsize 45 takes work to limpwrist so a 22 shouldn't even be a concern,unless you have one of the prized floating chamber Aces.More info is necessary to diagnose it.

    The hammer dropping to 1/2 cock is not good,and if that's what's happening DO NOT shoot it now.

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