Help comparing these 2 9mm's

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      Help comparing these 2 9mm's

      With the shortage of available guns at shops around me I am looking for opinions.
      I have found A Springfield XD 9mm and really like it. My question is how does the Ruger P95 compare to the XD?
      I have not been able to locate A ruger to handle in person. Wondering how the grip compares with the 2. I know from researching the Ruger is A tad bit heavier. any suggestions would be greatly appreciated as it looks like this purchase will most likely be online.
      Thank You

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      IMO choose Ruger. Warranty/service/reliability. USA made. I also like the safety features, quality & reliability that Ruger offers. I also chose Ruger for these reasons:

      Most recommended by our best local gun shop
      County sheriff dept
      Friends in other states

      my 2 cents

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      I'd go with the SA XD.

      I'm not a fan of either, but if I had to make a choice, I'd avoid the Ruger. could look a little longer, maybe save up a few more bucks, and buy a Beretta 92FS.

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      If you go XD, go XDm

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      The Ruger will be quite a bit heavier. Both will work. What do you like?
      It must fit you and you must like how it operates.

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      If it were me I'd go w/ the XD.

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