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    I suggest a Sig P238 .380 acp. Single action with safety and easy to load or a S&W 637 .38spl

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    Quote Originally Posted by paratrooper View Post
    I would think it's a possibility, but the females I mentioned, take appropriate action to avoid that being a possibility.

    I would assume that as a female, there are certain ( better) ways to carry a purse.
    This is part of what I was trying to express. I approach the subject from a very rigorous and strict code of gun safety. Whenever I pull a gun out of my safe, my mind stays focus on WHERE the gun is and where the muzzle is pointed. I don't care if it's a breech loaded shotgun that's broken in two, I NEVER let that muzzle cross the path of anyone - every gun is a loaded gun even after I check it, and I have a buddy check it (if I'm not alone).

    That said, when I take a gun with me, I am always cognizant of its presence. If I were a woman, I wouldn't be leaving my purse around, etc, given my level of gun safety practice. But that's the problem. Most people come nowhere close that level of anal-retention! I've seen the stupid bug bite many a friend, unfortunately. I had a buddy leave his pistol in the bathroom of a local grocery store cause he had to go number 2. Got home and realized he'd forgotten it and that was that. Fortunately, someone turned it in and it went to the PD for processing. Took him awhile to get it back and he's lucky he didn't loose his CHL.

    In a perfect world, purse carry is great, but I think Steve is right at the end of the day. And we have to remember, we're talkin' about women! (Just kiddin', of course!)

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