Historical information needed!

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      Lightbulb Historical information needed!

      I am not sure if this is the right section.
      But I'm doing a project and need as much information on guns of the 1960s (pref around 1966ish) (USA). What were the most popular and their prices is what I need!
      But anything will be appreciated.


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      I was 15 in 1966 and I liked Model 88 Winchester rifles and Hi Standard Double Nine revolvers. I think the Winchester was about $150 and the revolver was about $60. Neither are being made now.

      That's all of your work I can do for you.

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      Aim your research efforts at The Gun Digest, an annual publication that, in its back pages, listed every gun for sale during the given year.
      The Gun Digest Magazine is not what you need. You need the annual publication.

      Major-city libraries stock this annual publication. So does The Library of Congress.

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      You would think the 1911 would be everywhere back in those days (it was popular) but it wasn't the main gun on the scene. Wheel guns still dominated much of the scene. The Colt Detective Special and Colt Police Revolver in .38 was very popular with law enforcement. M29 like Dirty Harry in .44 magnum.

      You have your Bond movies and spies, showing men with small caliber pistols such as Beretta .32s and Walther PPK 7.62 mm ( now .380s ). These saturday night specials were also quite popular. Low caliber weapons seemed fine back in those days, now people would say they have no stopping power.

      Go to IMFDB.org and look up some 60s movies to get a feel for what they were packing back in the day

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      Mike Hammer was the exception rather than the rule. He carried a 1911, price in the mid-sixties was under $100. Winchester 94's were also under $100. SAA Colt .45 was $125. Most cops carried S&W M10's, there might have been a few .357 mags, but usually state police not locals. Shotguns were the Winchester M12 or a double of some sort (mine was a Stevens 311 in 16ga) The M88 Winchester was nice as was the M100 semi-auto, The Remington 760 or 742 were great. Pre 64 M70 Winchester bolt gun was a real workhorse, Weatherby was a notch above with some real powerhouse cartridges. I didn't own any of them but my guess is that the price was under $200, certainly under $300 with a possible exception being the Weatherby's.

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      1960's,,, pre 1968,,,

      Many people owned military surplus rifles,,,
      The reason is that they were very inexpensive,,,
      And you could order them from a mail order catalogue.

      I owned:
      British .303 Enfield,,,
      German 8mm Mauser,,,
      1903 Springfield in 30-06.

      All of these rifles were less than $25.00 apiece,,,
      They were all great rifles to "sporterize",,,
      They dropped deer with no problem.

      These were very common for 1960's working class folk,,,
      Those good Remingtons were $100.00 or more,,,
      The Winchesters were even higher priced.



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