Looking to purchase first handgun, questions

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      Looking to purchase first handgun, questions

      Hello everyone. I have been wanting to purchase and handgun for myself for a little while now. I have a little bit of experience shooting, as I have done target shooting with friends in the past. I just want a gun of my own, and I'd like to get back into shooting again. Plus, I have also been wanting to get a concealed cary permit.

      I have narrowed it down to two choices, the Glock 27 and the Springfield XDS. I have been able to locate the Glock 27 at a few stores, and was to see how it felt in my hands. It did feel comfortable to me. But I want to to see an XDS in person, but they are hard to come by. A few Academy stores in the area will be getting some in soon, and I plan on checking them out then. From what I have seen online and in videos of the XDS, it looks to be not as wide as the Glock and easier for concealed carry. It almost looks like the XDS has a better build quality, but that is just from seeing it online.

      I am not going to be carrying to gun on me at all times, mainly on weekends since I can't at work. I am also looking for something that can be enjoyable to target shoot with, besides being a strictlky defense weapon. The one thing that has me concerned with the XDs is the recoil being a .45 in a much smaller package. Is the XDs a gun that will kill your wrists in a short perod of time if you are not an avid shooter, as compared to the Glock? How is the reliability of the XDs? If you had to choose between the Glock 27 and XDS, which would you all choose, and which do you all think will be the better choice for me?

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      I have a G27 I really like that gun.
      It can be bigger to carry then you think, my brothers G19 feels almost the same as carrying the G27
      Highly recommended, get the Desantis Leather Holster, feels good to carry

      I only got the G27 because I have 9mm glock already (I wanted a gun that shared calibers with what cops carry), otherwise I woulda got a G26... I recommend it because .40 ammo is a bit more pricey and if this is your first gun

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      The XDs is good for carry. I wear mine every day, and it is the least uncomfortable .45 I've ever carried. It is accurate and reliable, but it is not a range gun. It takes a lot of practice to become proficient with short barreled pistols, and regular practice to maintain that proficiency. The recoil is quite manageable with a good combat grip, but still, you would likely stop enjoying it after 30-40 rounds. The double-stack XD45's are much better for range guns, but less comfortable to carry.

      The G-27 is really a different category from the XDs, being a .40 S&W, and being a double-stack. Like the XDs, it is not well suited for a lot of range time. Personally, I would prefer the G-26 in 9mm, or even better, the G-19, for the wide variety of less expensive ammo. You don't give up much in terms of self-defense value, between a 9mm and .40 S&W, if you select the right SD ammo, and cheaper ammo usually translates into more practice - and quality practice is much more important than what chambering you carry.

      If you are locked in on the G-27 size, don't overlook the XD subcompact, which is available in 9mm and .40 S&W, and is it's approximate equal in quality, but for a little less money.

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