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Thread: Need Opinions

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    Need Opinions

    I have hunted and shot rifles all my life and I'm finally buying my first handgun and I have narrowed it down to three choices. I'm looking for a 9mm just for target shooting and general home defense if needed. I'm looking at the Ruger SR 9, S&W M&P 9mm, and the Springfield XD 9mm. Any suggestions or preferences from experienced gun owners?

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    Both the Ruger and S&W have excellent customer service and offer a lifetime warranty and made in USA, which still counts for something ....Rent any or all of them and find out which works best for you.......JJ

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    They are all very good handguns. The Springfield is made in Croatia, but is the only one of the three that offers a grip safety. I've shot my dad's 9mm XDm, and it is nails-on accurate. It's a breeze to field strip and a pleasure to shoot. The Ruger is nice too. It has a fantastic grip and is very accurate. The M&P also has a beautiful grip, with 3 interchangeable back straps. M&Ps are tough and fun-to-shoot.

    I'm with Chessail77, find a gun range that rents the guns you're interested in and see which gun works best for you.

    I'd like to suggest two other guns for range/HD duty. The CZ 75B and the CZ 75 SP-01. Both are heavy, steel-framed guns - the weight helps soak up felt recoil, making for quicker follow-up shots. They also sport the best grip of practically any handgun made today.

    And lastly, the Sig Sauer SP2022 is a superb weapon too. They can be had for $400-$500, depending on if you want the Sig night sights or not. Mine has night sights and is my wife's HD gun. We've shot about 3,000 rounds through it with not a single FTF/FTE issue. It eats any ammo you feed it and has an excellent trigger.

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    Personally, I would go with the full sized M&P in 9mm. It sounds like you really do not want it for CC purposes, so go with the larger gun that has a great reputation for comfortable and accurate shooting.

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    Beretta 92-series.

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