I am the proud owner of a M and P 9c!!!

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      I am the proud owner of a M and P 9c!!!

      this was not an easy decision, I have done a lot of reading and had a list of some 9mm handguns that I would consider mainly based on accuracy,quality reliability longevity etc . The list mainly included CZ, Desert Eagle, Sig Sauer,H and K and M and P, Ruger
      When I went to the gun shop( Leesburg Gun and Tackle in Alabama) the guy that waited on me was very knowledgable,in fact he also taught coarses on guns and safety . he really liked Glock and M and P over any gun on my list and he knows a lot more about guns than I ever will. So I took his advice and bought a M and P 9mm compact
      I havent shot it yet but I cant wait to shoot it. I feels very good in my hand, feels like a very well built gun, the take down is easy. It came with 2 clips and I bought a third clip that holds 17 rounds as well, and 3 different sizes back straps(I think thats what they are called)and a nice case too.
      If I have any second thoughts, I kind of wish I had bought the one with a safety. I probably wont be carrying this on me much, but I do have a permit to do so if I decide to . It kinda bothers me that with out a safety and the gun in my holster at my side, if I bump in to something it could accidently hit trgger and set offgun. I just wont chamber a bullet I guess. The fellow at the gun shop said that the safety would prevent being able to add a laser thingy to the gun cause it is in way and also, if it is middle of night and u had to use the gun in a hurry, the safety would be one more step before being able to fire
      Anyway , I am pleased and cant wait to fire. I dont want to wear it out, but I am gonna shoot 20 or 30 rounds through it
      I will let u all know how it shoots
      Thanks for all your advice

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      Good choice. You will be pleased to not have the thumb safety after you use it a bit.
      I don't think 20 to 30 rounds are going to wear it much. Mine have as much or more than 20,000 rounds through an individual pistol and they are still going strong.

      Welcome to the world of guns.

      PS: They are magazines not clips. Some people get persnikity over the term clip rather than magazine.

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      Congrats...good choice....if the holster covers the trigger you will be safe and a lot of people carry that pistol......JJ

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      20 or 30 rounds won't even be a blip in the life of your gun. No worries about wearing it out. You might want to think about a little more practice time than you seem to have in mind if you're going to carry it. And spend some time practicing things like just getting it out of the holster, dropping and inserting mags, and similar fundamentals (do this kind of stuff unloaded, of course). For $15 bucks or so you can get some snap caps and practice dry fire also.

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