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    Cool Gunvault vs. v-line

    Have grandchildren around so guns need to be locked up but a large safe isn't great for quick access. Would like to get a small pistol safe (mounted securely). After a lot of research I like the gunvault for speed and if you get a good one people seem to like it. But there are a lot of reviews where they had issues with gaining entry. Since there doesn't seem to be a local dealer I will have to buy online and repair/warranty is not something I want to deal with.
    The other safe is a v-line a mechancal pushbutton safe. Nothing to go wrong. (Good reviews if a little pricey). Would like to know more of the operation of the safe. Do you need to hold the knob to one side while you push the buttons (which means it takes two hands - not a good thing)? Any info on these two would be appreciated.

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    Check this one out

    Here is one that is versital. It can be mounted on a bedframe, desk or in your car. A latch on the inside of the vault allows you to move it from location to location using several mounts.

    Titan Valuts:

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    You may want to consider one of these.....



    Perma vault

    I sell all three of these brands and they hold up very well.


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    I like my system pretty well

    I bought a Winchester e-Vault. Bolted it to the floor under a table next to the bed.
    I keep a PT 1911 in it and the key to my Piece Keeper that holds my 870 pump right next to it.
    I sleep with the door locked to my beadroom (solid six panel with a deep-set keyed lock) and we have several dogs one of which is a huge male Doberman, but the standard poodles are the real alarm system.

    I'm not paranoid, just safe. I certainly don't want to be killed with my own gun.

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    I own a V-Line Compact 279-S Push button Gun Box .

    I used it when I had kids in the house.

    I have one of the older models that can be screwed to the wall or floor (don't know if they still do that)

    I set the button combination to open by pushing the two outside buttons and turning the knob - very easy & quick in the dark.

    It's smart to have something like this if you have kids at home.

    Now my gun and flashlight just lay in my night stand.

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    I have the Gunvault mounted to the floor and I have no problem gaining access. It's been about a year and I haven't changed the battery's yet. So far it seems reliable.

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    Thanks for all the feedback. Trying to stay away from the electronic ones. My luck and electronics dont seem to like each other. Looked at most of those except that push button permavault. Liked the titan (heavier steel) when I looked at it before but do not plan on moving it so for the extra $ dropped it off my list. Any information on these or other small quick access safes is appreciated. Have to make some kind of decision because of the visiting during Christmas. Again thanks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by copyoftheoriginal View Post
    I'm not paranoid, just safe.
    You must have been reading my mind or you really live in one bad neighborhood.

    Tag I know what you mean I have an electronic safe and after 6 months of use it is useless - almost. The solenoid went bad in it and it takes 6 AA batteries to open it. That alone gets expensive. Luckily it also came with a key lock.

    I leave the key in the case when I am at home but when the grandkids are around I keep the key on me. Works great for me. No combination to fiddle with - tamper proof lock. This may be another option.

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    I had a gunvault for about 3 years. The older model had a cable inside used to turn the mechanism - and I saw many online comments about this cable being prone to break.

    Mine broke a few months ago. It was out of warranty - but as soon as I told them the story - they sent me a brand new gunvault. And, I shipped the broken one to them in the same box after I received it.

    The new one seems to have a different mechanism inside. I don't believe it runs by that cable system anymore.

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    DON'T buy a Titan gun vault!! I had a terrible experience. The idea is cool- a solid vault that doesn't use batteries.
    But it has too many problems- the manual is virtually indecipherable. It took me SOOO long to figure out what the manufacturer was saying. I actually called him and volunteered to re-write it for him so it would make sense.
    The vault DOES NOT WORK if you want to mount it under something (like under a drawer). I have to have a machinist friend alter one of their parts so it will actually work!! Really bad design flaw. :/

    I'm truly sorry I bought it. If you want a gun vault that doesn't use batteries, purchase a "V-line" vault instead!


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