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    Used to hate guns.

    I must admit I had issues with handguns back in the day. I grew up in east L.A. where gun violence was rampant.
    My fear of handguns was intensified back in '99 when a good friend of mine was shot in the head by stray gunfire on my block. He was a straight A student with a great future. That was the last straw for me.
    About 3 years ago my wife asked if we could get a gun someday for home protection, I objected.
    I said, "We will never have a gun in our home, ever!"
    Months later while visiting my in-laws, my father-in-law who happened to be a Vietnam Vet pulled out his guns for
    cleaning. I watched him as everyone in the house went about their business. It dawned on me that this man had been through hell and lost a few friends in combat, but there he was safely handling his guns without alarming those around him. I talked to him about his feelings on gun ownership and began to develop a desire to conquer my fear. So I went for it, and decided to take a course along with my wife and can now say with great pride that I am a convert.
    I'd been training in martial arts for 18 years and always figured it was enough that there was a 6'1 225 lbs black belt standing between my family and any threat out there. But now that I'm buying a house and starting a family with my beautiful wife, the thought of some scumbag or scumbags breaking into my home and destroying what I love and worked so hard to attain bothers me to no end.
    I thoroughly respect the right for any citizen to arm himself or herself for self defense.

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    If this was a facebook post I would click the like button...just sayin'

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    North Dakota

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    Welcome to the side of reason, your family's safety just took a major leap forward.......JJ

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    welcome to the forum, and to the world of responsible gun ownership.... glad to have you in both

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    Welcome to the forum!

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    welcome to our forum, and for joining us in the world of responsible gun ownership members are always welcome in both...........


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    You did the right thing for you & your family. What was cool to read is that both of you did the class. See how gun safety is set up,There is no way anyone can get hurt. I teach 4-h juniors Three-Position Air Rifle Shooting.There is just one way to be real good with a firearm. Practice as much as you can,So you know your pistol like the back of your hand.

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    Your's was the best way to come to this. Prior to this, I suspect you were probably unreachable where guns are concerned. Welcome.

    Months later while visiting my in-laws, my father-in-law who happened to be a Vietnam Vet pulled out his guns for cleaning.
    I may be wrong, but I suspect that this might have been specifically for your benefit.

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    Welcome...from someone who studied martial arts when I was younger, even Bruce Lee couldn't stop a bullet.........and remember, it doesn't take a parachute to skydive, it only takes a parachute to skydive twice........

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    Welcome. I'm a believer in gun ownership, but I think I can understand the reservations you had. I respect someone who confronts and overcomes their fears, and I applaud you for doing that.

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