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I'll throw my .02 in...I'm really starting to like my 92FS, in 9mm.
I'm a 1911 guy thru and thru, and was absolutely dead certain when we adopted the M9 it was a mistake, but you shoot what Uncle Sugar issues you.
After three fairly high speed gun schools (military) and an Iraq tour, plus a few thousand rounds thru my personally owned 92FS, I have show Beretta some respect.
The M9/92FS is a really nice fighting pistol.
It's easy to shoot, and easy for new shooters to learn with.
I hear a lot of stories about the slides breaking, but that was due to an ammunition spec problem, and it's no longer a factor.
I've also "heard" a lot of noise about being unreliable. I have never witnessed an M9 jam, when properly cleaned and lubricated. I deliberately shot my 92 without cleaning it until it jammed, but it took a lot of rounds.
Some folks will tell you the 9mm is underpowered. Well, I don't want to get shot with one.

Look at a lot of guns, shoot as many as you can, and in the end, buy what you can afford, that fits you, and does what you want to do. Take a look at the Beretta while your looking.