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    do your self a favor research not coments on this web
    I had a gun shop in the past and a pistol whether its a auto or rovolver
    needs to be like a lady clean and angry if not your at risk
    the more you use her the better you will feel and if you cant come to
    that point forget it and just bet a 22 n shoot trgets

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    If you're thinking of doing some competition and may be doing some high volume shooting get the Glock and drop a ZEV spring kit and 3.5 pound connector into it. The Glocks will stand up to lots of shooting and is why many of us use them to compete over other brands. When you do your research see what the people who compete shoot. Some names like Ruger and the S&W MP aren't even mentioned.

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    Thanks again guys, i am planning on attending a local gun show this upcoming weekend and am guna get my hands on a lot of 9mm and find a good fit! Also im borrowing my friends glock to shoot and to see how the fit and trigger feels to me because i would like to do some modifications. I will let you guys know what i end up deciding to buy. Thanks again and peace

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheDanimal View Post
    Thanks again guys, i am planning on attending a local gun show this upcoming weekend and am guna get my hands on a lot of 9mm and find a good fit! ......
    word of warning about gun show purchases...... unless you can do a safety / function check on the gun, dont buy it no matter how good the deal looks.... if the trigger or hammer is zip tied, its not worth the potential headaches

    if you are just going to handle a bunch of guns, checking out the ergos..... have a great time!

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    9mm. Glock or XDm, whichever feels best in your hand, whichever points best for you.

    "I like to shoot fast and do speed reloads." --- That's nice. If you truly are a "newbie", perhaps trigger control, ability to hit the target, and make little bitty groups might come first -- then, go to fast.

    If you are more experienced than you let on -- go for it.

    by the way, if the pistol is for self defense, do not run out and get all carried away with trigger jobs. I have a Glock 32 (.357 Sig) that has a 2.75 lb trigger -- If I have not practiced with it, I just won't carry it. It's great for various target applications -- but -- let me put it this way -- I have friends who refuse to shoot it (this after putting one in the ceiling at the range.

    Please get the best pistol you can afford, as well as the one that "fits" you best -- it really is a pain selling barely used guns that few folks want, esp. when you lose money doing it.

    Have fun.

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    Quote Originally Posted by loper View Post
    I'll throw my .02 in...I'm really starting to like my 92FS, in 9mm.
    I'm a 1911 guy thru and thru, and was absolutely dead certain when we adopted the M9 it was a mistake, but you shoot what Uncle Sugar issues you.
    After three fairly high speed gun schools (military) and an Iraq tour, plus a few thousand rounds thru my personally owned 92FS, I have show Beretta some respect.
    The M9/92FS is a really nice fighting pistol.
    It's easy to shoot, and easy for new shooters to learn with.
    I hear a lot of stories about the slides breaking, but that was due to an ammunition spec problem, and it's no longer a factor.
    I've also "heard" a lot of noise about being unreliable. I have never witnessed an M9 jam, when properly cleaned and lubricated. I deliberately shot my 92 without cleaning it until it jammed, but it took a lot of rounds.
    Some folks will tell you the 9mm is underpowered. Well, I don't want to get shot with one.

    Look at a lot of guns, shoot as many as you can, and in the end, buy what you can afford, that fits you, and does what you want to do. Take a look at the Beretta while your looking.

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