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    Laser light

    I have a laser light on two home defense handgun. Now I am thinking about maybe that is not a good idea. At night coming down a hallway to see about a noise - I might as well have a spotlight shining one me. It give my exaction location etc. Any thoughts about this subject?

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    My lasers activate in response to gripping the gun a certain way. What kind of laser is it? Can it be left off until you want to activate it?

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    My wife has a laser on her handgun that she uses to practice dry fire to make sure she stays on target after the shot and follows through. She has practiced in low light conditions so she can shoot without it. Lasers are cool and work well on TV, but if I see one flipping around or covering me I'm immediately shooting the source of it. You may be able to remain undectected and/or prevent a situation from escalating without one. Like any tool you need to practice with it and think about it, and you are. My house has small night lights in places that light up critical areas that I can see, like the hallway to the bedroom. I'm in total darkness and anyone coming down it is lighted up enough to shoot so I can remain undetected and have the option of just observing while the police are on the way. BTW turn it off when the cops come.

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    depending on the strength of the laser it should not spotlight the person lazing, especially with the common red lasers, the freqeuncy they operate on is near ir, so our eyes are very good at seeing it to begin with, then consider it's a laser. Light amplification by the stimulated emissions of radiation, or basically, it's not ambient light that spreads out from the source, but a focused ray of photons.

    basically even with a really good laser you shouldn't see a beam that you can trace unless air conditions are foggy/dusty and it's dark out.

    the game changes when you go to green lasers. double neodynium yag 532nanometer wave length, green lasers at nearly perfectly between your photopic and scotopic vision, or day and night color perception. it's much easier for our eyes to see, but still requires darkness and fouled air to see a beam for the most part.

    so unless they are already looking in your direction they should really notice a red dot lighting them up. green is more noticeable and more likely to leave a traceable beam back to you.

    but really do you need a laser? they are cool, and they work, but nothings better than being able to use the sights already on your gun.

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    + 1 for the nightlights..... i have them in my livingroom, bathroom and kitchen..... and always on.... they are very small, not much light but enough that from my hallway and beyond into my bedroom i can see shadow movement when there should be none and since the nightlights are not on switched outlets, i know that if the light is out, there is something wrong for sure, even if its just a bulb out.

    tactical nightlights..... awesome! ...... oh, and dont forget the baby monitor, works
    great to hear the idiot trying to steal crap from your garage.

    next week, the changing table /gun bench

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