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    Maybe it because I like Glocks. But a 3rd Generation Glock 19 would be a very good choice.

    No break in period needed. Have a good record for reliability too. Glock mags are reasonably priced. Lot's of aftermarket parts and accesories are available for them.

    I recall reading in a gun mag of a trainer. And he said students that had very little experience, performed the best with Glocks over other handguns that were also offered.

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    I rely on my Taurus PT140, over 1K through it and it hits the mark. It's proved to be reliable.

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    You asked about experience with Springfield in an earlier post. Not a first hand experience, but I have read a lot of positive comments about their support and handling of issues and repairs on the few occasions that they have come up. I also noticed mention of the px4 storm in this thread. I tried a friend's px4 in .40 and was really impressed with it. It shot well and felt solid in the hands.

    You may find a lot of recommendations to go with Taurus, but I would recommend staying away from them. The quality seems hit or miss.

    Both my wife and I have had good experience with Glocks. The polymer frame, though, gives them a little more snap to the recoil. Don't think it will be a problem, though. 9mm is a good choice. It will certainly get the job done in an SD situation and is probably the most common round making it easier to obtain and less expensive.

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    If you are considering as much as nine bills I would take a look at the Sig P229 since this pistol was designed for the .40 cal. I bought a CPO 229 several years ago and have been well pleased with it. The CPO stands for certified pre owned . These are pistols that sig has taken back in on trade ins and they go thru them with a fine tooth comeb and fix anything that needs fixing. Many of them you cannot tell from new. Outside of that they are dead accurate. anyway welcome aboard and good luck on your choice. All the pistols you have mentioned are good choices though.

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    I'd go with what JD said, except for the flash issue. It just isn't enough to warrant discounting the gun--look at it this way; assuming you have your night vision dialled in, why in God's name are you firing in the dark? Don't you need to ID the target? Won't a flashlight do more to wreck your night vision than that .06 second orange flash? So--I discount flash as a problem--you'll have other issues. The puff of gas may be disconcerting if fired from retention--here again in a critical dynamic incident you probably won't notice it.

    If you want the "C", get it. I think it's silly in a 9mm, but if that's what you want, go for it.

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    I'd echo the advice of choosing a 9mm as a first larger caliber handgun, the ammo is readily available at a much lower cost than say, .40 S&W or .45ACP. It's quite easy to find 9mm at around $10.00 a box of 50 ball ammo. You mention a Springfield as a possible choice for you, I've got an XD in 9mm and love the pistol, you can find them for around $400.00. Good pistol, accurate as all get out and they eat most every kind of ammo. I'd consider a .40 S&W after gaining some experience in handling a pistol, I've got an old police Glock 22, usually available for less than $400.00. They'll have some holster wear on them, if appearance is an issue for you, you'll likely prefer buying new.

    Myself, my usual carry gun is a Ruger SR-9C, a shorter barreled model of the SR-9. Quite accurate, and easily concealed. Good little pistol.

    And I'd also agree, a compensated model in 9mm isn't necessary, the recoil of a 9mm isn't enough to warrant the extra cost. If you're thinking recoil will be an issue, get an all steel model pistol, a polymer framed pistol has much more "felt" recoil than a steel framed one.

    Good luck, and remember, do as much practice as you can afford. Honing your skills is more important in my opinion than buying an expensive pistol, and not being able to afford practice ammo. Get the best quality pistol you can afford and still have money left to buy ammo, and pay range fees.

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    I too would suggest a 9 mm over a .40 cal. For all the many reasons stated above.

    I'd suggest you look at a used Sig Sauer P226 or used Sig P229. They are excellent guns.

    Here is a Sig Sauer P226 Swiss Police Trade in - cost $400

    Here is a Seagoville Texas Police trade in - in .40 cal - $400

    I'd rather own a used high quality gun, than a new lower quality gun.

    If you must have "new" - I'd buy a new Sig P2022 in 9 mm - again a excellent gun.

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    I went with a 9mm as a 'first' gun-used to shoot a lot, but got away from it for a time. I chose an XDm with 4.5" barrel. I tried a Glock, but the XDm felt much better in hand. I will get the same gun in .45 fairly soon. Haven't shot a .40, but I hear it's a handful to learn with.

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    Get the Glock 22 4 Gen (.40) and buy the extra aftermarket 9 mm barrel that is built for this model gun for $150+/- and have the capability of shooting either round. Enjoy the benefits of practicing with cheaper ammo and avoid developing the "flinch" and switch out to the .40 for home defense.

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    I like the 9mm less recoil, easier on shooter and gun, cheaper ammo and magazines HOLD MORE AMMO. I have the Glocks 17,19,26, CZ75B & CZ75 SP-01, Kahr CW9. All are great guns. Also like the looks of the M&P9. If I could only keep 2 it would be the CZ75B and the Glock 26, the G26 because of its ease to carry, real accurate for the size and you can use 10,12,15,17,33 round magazines. There's $3000 worth of guns spend $1000 and have the best 2, use my experience and save $2000. 9mm you can get some real hot, hollow points to carry or for home defense.

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    Re: First pistol purchase .40?

    I bought a Xdm 9mm because I liked the feel and have been very happy with it. I would recommend it as a first gun but I strongly suggest the Xdm 9mm compact. If you decide later to carry it is very manageable. Some people worry about printing depending on belt, holster and build it may not be an issue. If it does print and someone asks what's under your shirt just tell them its a colostomy bag, they won't ask again.

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    To echo everyone else -- get a 9mm. Get a full size or mid size pistol. Glock, Sig, Springfield XDm, etc. Go to the range, get comfortable, safe, and competent, with your pistol -- then you might want to explore the wide world of other calibers.

    40 is nice, but a lot more of a SLAP! Perhaps the next pistol will be a 1911 in 45 ACP -- classic round with more of a PUSH than the sharp SLAP of the 40 or 357 Sig.

    Maybe rent some different guns at the range (if you can) -- it just might help you make up your mind.

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    Yep, I started with a 9mm then moved up to .45 later and I love the .45 ACP. The Ruger SR9 is an excellent pistol for both experienced shooters and beginners.

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