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    To adjust sights, that is the question!

    Kinda new to the hand gun arena so this may sound like a dumb question. At the range last night I was trying out my new ruger mark III .22 out to 20 yrds I was shooting real good, soooooo I picked up my s&w .40 m&p which I have had to the range only once before. With the .40 at 15' my group is around the bull in a 2" group which to me is great so for the first time I backed off to 10 yrds, I was 8" low with left to right almost perfect. My question is should I mess with the sights to compensate so I'm on at 10yrds or do I want it zeroed at 15' and raised the gun when I'm shooting at 10 yrds. Some one please advise. Thanks Mike

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    My opinion is from 1-25 yards you should be dead on if your sights are aligned and your shooting form is proper. If anything, a difference of a 1/4 inch should be the max at the distances mentioned, if at all. Bullet weight and velocity may be a factor but small, not 8 inches low shooting from 15' to 10 yards(sounds like form problems and flinching to me). If I were you I'd benchrest the pistol at 15' and in single action slowly squeeze off some good shots to determine if windage is an issue, only then would I drift the sights. If your dead center on target at 15' you will be dead on at least out to 25 yards and perhaps 1 inch low give or take at 50 yards depending on the velocity and weight of the ammunition used. In other words a pistol at combat ranges is not like zeroing in a 30/06 at 400 yards.

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