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Thread: CCW "Badge"

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    Quote Originally Posted by SigP229R View Post
    Two words Bad idea. First who wants to advertise they are carrying concealed, second you could accidentally be mistaken for a LEO and everyone knows impersonating a LEO is a felony. That is all!!
    Please try writing more quietly!

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    Stupid. I encountered a person last week in the grocery store open carrying with two small children about 8-10 years old. I pushed my cart past him twice on purpose and on the third trip I said to him I just disarmed you 3 times. He didn't know what to say and sure didn't know I was CCW . Hopefully he gets educated quick.

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    You have the right to wear one of those badges in public. I have the right to laugh at, and ridicule you for it... also in public.

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    is this thread still alive? i thought this died the death of all bad ideas a while back..... only a few ideas are worse than this..... liver flavored toothpaste, neon yellow spandex mens speedos, the "speed dating for rapists" events....

    i think we all agree, carry good, badge bad!

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    What. The. Eff....

    Never heard of it, so I had to take a peek myself.

    Dumb. Dumb. Dumb.

    If I wanted a fake badge, I'd take one from my four-year-old's costume bag.

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