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    1st gun

    well its down to 2 months until i can get a pistol purchase permit and buy my first handgun. Iv been researching different ones that i like. im down to a few different, such as the 9mm sigma, 9mm xd, g19, and a RIA 1911 .45, My question is would a 1911 be a smart choice for a first gun. I will be using the weapon mainly for range shooting but it will also be for defense at home as well as on hunting and fishing trips and cc. it will be my only pistol for a while because i am in college and have been putting money aside all summer for this. so price is a factor too. im not totally sure about upkeep on a pistol. i have a 2 rifles and 2 shotguns now though. Any help would be greatly appreciate. im also open to suggestions but like i said im on a college budget lol

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    go to a range, ask friends and actually shoot these guns and you will probably narrow your choice further. i don't know much about 1911 except there usually big and heavy. s&w sigma 9mm i have its a real nice gun but the trigger is tough to get use to. the xd i don't know anything about except it gets good reviews on this forum. imo if you want a good all around home defense, carry weapon, etc move up to 40 caliber and get a glock. they make three different sizes depnding on your hand size. model 22,23, or 27 should be priced in the mid five hundreds even though you may be on a budget i would never buy any gun based solely on a cheap price. but if you really can't afford a glock then i would go for the sigma 40 caliber cost no more than 9mm it will get you by and should be about two hundred dollars cheaper. happy hunting!

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