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    Future First Time Buyer

    Without money being an object, what gun/ammo/holster would you recommend for CCW? This will be my first, and maybe even last gun I ever buy depending how much much I love the one I end up with. Any and all suggestions would be great!

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    There are so many great pistols and options to choose from you will more than likely get personnel preferences from individuals albeit good ones. I really believe based on my personnel experience you can't do much better than Beretta's PX4 compact and subcompact for CC. They are both comfortable, hold alot of rounds, reliable and accurate. I use an inexpensive Blackhawk #6 IWB holster, one in the chamber, safety off, HST or Gold-dot 147's for the subcompact and 124+P GD, or the two I just previously mentioned for the compact, Trijicon night sights, alot of practice with the DA/SA and I'm good to go. I'm sure there are many other fine CC handguns, smaller, larger, etc..., but I'm confident this setup won't let you down if you ever had to employ the tools in a life and death self defense situation. I would just as soon carry Glock, XD's, or S&W as well. They all work but it comes down to what feels comfortable to "you" and what you shoot the best. #1 to me in a CC handgun is reliability bar none.

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    imo a glock. as with most glocks they make a big one, middle size, and a small one, depending on your hand size. in 40 caliber they are model 22, 23, 27 respectivley. i carry a glock 27 with federal 180 grain hollow point in an uncle mikes inside waistband holster. however as said before there are many great pistols out there and i don't think it would benefit you to take just one persons advice. go to gun clubs or friends and actually try some different guns you will be surprised what you thought was the perfect one for you ends up to be something you really didn' like after you shoot it. and above all if your going to carry make sure you know how to use it!

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