heritage 22sa firearms
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    heritage 22sa firearms

    so they sell so many - a lot more than Ruger
    i don't understand
    sure they are cheaper but they are not full sized
    i guess they are kinda of like the ruger Bobcat
    who and why are these selling so many
    educate me.......

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    They're cheap, not much more to it than that.

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    SAFE yet inexpensive guns always have a market.... some people dont need or cant afford all the bells and whistles.... fit and finish is not a priority for others..... might just be an entry level gun or even the only home defense gun they can afford.....

    you see the exact same things with cars..... not everyone needs or wants the benz or caddy or hummer ...some are fine with a kia..... doesnt mean a kia is crap, its reliable transportation without all the extras

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    The biggest difference is,,,

    You can actually wear out a Heritage arms revolver,,,
    In fact my range buddy has done just that,,,
    It did take two summers but it wore out.

    I have a Colt Frontier Scout that my Mom bought in 1965,,,
    I can't imagine how many thousands and thousands of rounds have been through it.

    It's still tight and accurate.

    I have a Ruger Single-Six I bought used back in 1996,,,
    For many years I put about 1,000 rounds a month through it.

    It's still tight and accurate.

    For an occasional plinker Heritage revolvers are okay,,,
    For a gun you want to shoot a lot over years time,,,
    You really need to buy a Ruger.


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