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    Silicon Gun Cloths... Opinions on these?

    A silicon cloth came with my Kleen Bore cleaning kit. The package says that it will remove lead particles and it recommends wiping down the gun with it after cleaning. Shouldn't I wipe down the gun with gun oil (CLP or something) instead?

    What's the point of these cloths? Are they necessary? Are they recommended?

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    In my opinion, silicone cloths ARE good for after you clean your gun, but for more if it's long term storage. On a carry gun, it makes the surfaces a little slick and that's definitely not something you want in a carry gun. It's like putting armor-all on your steering wheel, bad joojoo.

    I wouldn't use it on the gun prior to cleaning as it would pollute your silicone cloth pretty badly.

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    silicone tends to not attract dust near as bad as oil, either.

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    I use them to wipe off finger prints and such on clean guns after handling them for show & tell and other reasons. I try not to get the silicone on the grips. That stuff is slick.

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    CLP manufacturers make a big deal about preserving gun metal for storage. There's even rust tests. I've never seen a rust test with silicone in the high rankings (I don't think they even test it). So I assume CLP is better. However, I do wonder how a gun coated in oil does with leather, and making the leather soften over time. Between dust and lint, perhaps silicone is better?

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    I've become leary of using silcone products after seeing how difficult it can be to repaint an automobile that has been wiped down with armor-all instead of wax.

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