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    Can anyone give me a heads up on Kassner .380? This is a Hungarian copy of the Walther pp.
    Specifically I am looking for info as to it's reliabilty, parts availability and value. I have been offered one for sale at $200. Is this a resonable value?
    Looks like it would be a good CCDW for a ladies purse etc.
    Any comments or past experiences would be helpful.

    Many Thanks,


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    Two things to point out --

    one: this brand does not have a good reputation here in the US. This might be for a good reason.

    two: spending two C-notes on a for the most part unproven CC handgun is not very smart. This is not the area where you want to be bargain hunting....

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    it is Kassnar, not Kassner, if you are searching online this could be the difference between some info and lots of info.


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