First Auto Loader
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    First Auto Loader

    Being a long time rifle shooter and handloader, I bought my first handgun in over 25 years on Tuesday and fired it for the first time yesterday. (I owned only one handgun to this point, a nickel plated Colt Detective Special.) It's a Glock 19 and results of the first 15 shots are on this target. They all went into the orange bull at 15 to 20 feet (between the two red lines at the indoor range). Don't know how good this is but I am very happy with it. What great fun to shoot is this pistol! I deliberated and read lots of informative posts on this forum and decided on the Glock. My goal is personal protection and reliability is my number one criteria.

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    1,750'll be quite happy with the Glock. The G19 is a good choice for both a first auto and if you decide to CCW it is an ideal size for that. Also 9mm ammo (when you can find it) is less hurtful on the wallet than the other center fire ammo.

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    Nice choice. I recently purchased my first handgun. A Glock 19 as well. I have been around the M9 Beretta for about 17 years in the military, but have never owned my own pistol until now. Haven't been able to make it to the range yet. I hope my first experience shooting it goes as well as yours did.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gilream View Post
    My goal is personal protection and reliability is my number one criteria.
    You sure did choose the right one! Congrats on the new purchase.

    BTW, a Colt DS and a Glock is a pretty nice combination...

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    Congrats on the purchase and not bad shooting i must say. Enjoy.

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    Congratulations on the purchase. Nice shooting.

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