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    Is hi point and hi standard the same company and is one better than the other

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    They are emphatically not the same company.
    High Standard used to be good stuff, but it has changed hands, and location, pretty recently, so I can no longer answer whether their products are as good as they used to be.
    Hi Point makes cheap guns. To paraphrase Forrest Gump, cheap guns is as cheap guns does. Some people say that Hi Point guns work OK. I dunno.

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    Hi-Point is not a company worth purchasing from unless you need 1. a throw away pistol for private reasons, 2. something to make people wonder at when at the shooting range, 3. something that, when properly tied to a rope, can be used to keep your boat from travelling downstream or, 3. a device to improve arm strength on a side of your choosing. Each of these have cheaper alternatives, save for number 1. I wouldn't trust my life to the proper function of a Hi-Point. I've sold hundreds of these pistols to people who don't know what a quality gun handles like. They got what they paid for.

    High Power made great plinkers that were even used by the US Government for covert operatives (read assassins) and general pistol training. They are not what they once were, but they are still making decent pistols. Pricey pistols, but fun. Some reliability issues but not the awkward device the Hi-Point is.

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