Good local shops
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    Good local shops

    I live in Sacramento Ca. I bought my CZ 75 at a local shop with absentee owners, probably most are?

    If any Sac. area shooters know a good shop to support I would like to know them.

    Even a good Internet shop if it has excellent service and try to take care of you.

    Any help out there?



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    I have no idea about out there. buds gun shop (Link) Is a great store in my neck of the woods. A lot of people here have used them. They are good to work with.

    If you can find a local shop all the better. There's no better than a local shop that you can build a god relationship with. That always pays off in the long haul. If you can't check out Buds.

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    My $0.02...

    Generally speaking, when you buy a gun online from an out-of-state dealer, you don't pay sales tax (and some don't even charge for shipping), but you will have to pay an FFL dealer to receive the gun on your behalf. This is usually pretty reasonable - about $20-25.

    That being said, there is a thread elsewhere on HGF from a guy in the Republik of Kalifornia who bought a gun online and the FFL dealer not only charged the guy the fee to receive the gun, but also charged the guy sales tax! The issue is that there does not seem to be any consistency in interpreting the California State Board of Equalization rules. Some charge sales tax and some don't.

    Here is a link to that thread: FFL dealer says there is CA sales tax on out of state gun

    Since you have to arrange the transfer of a firearm with a particular dealer before you have it shipped, you might want to shop around (if it is practical) and see which shop has the best deal on their fees to receive a gun for you.


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    Shop around; FFL fees are all over the place. I got quotes of $60-$100 + fee (back round DOJ check). Luckily one of the local shops had my Sig sitting right there on the shelf.

    That stinks about the sale tax that guy was charged.

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