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    I think the S&W 3913 makes an excellent carry gun, especially for people for people with small hands.

    It's the perfect size for CC, Aluminum frame to help manage recoil, and single stack mag to keep the gun and grip thin.

    The Lady Smith version (LS3913) is sex-zee!

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    Take a look at the Walther PPS. It is nice and slim and recoil is not bad at all

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    A small Sig is always a good choice.

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    I think by that video she could handle a 40 S&W with no problem.....a 40 is a great round....don't get stuck on the 9mm thing! JMO and a 40 Springfield XD in any style weather a sub or a larger compact or the service model would work just fine!

    There a Great gun to own and keep.....


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    If recoil is an issue I would continue to lean to the 9mm. Not my caliber of choice but I am not the one carrying it. Cabiler is of no value if you can't hit the target!

    I have had women come to my CCW class with everything from 22s to 45s. and the two problems they mostly have it keeping sight alignment during trigger pull and flinching because of recoil. I have a Springfield XD compact I carry to every class for people to try out and it has been a hit with almost all of the female new comers. The grip is generous but not too big, the recoil is very mild and it is deadly accurate. Trigger pull is typical Springfield, decent with something to be desired but no where as horrendous as most 38 snubbys or cheaper weapons.

    Before buying anything take her to a gun shop and let her handle mulitple canidates. Feel plays a big part in the Pull/Point/Shoot seneriao of protection

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