I have been recently practicing with my CZ SP01 Tactical with a 22 LR Kadet Kit.. I have read different opinions on this. Some people argued that shootin a 0.22 in a conversion kit with the original frame helps in two things:
1. smoothen the trigger and works it our
2. helps in enhancing one's shooting techniques

Other people argued against that and mentioned that shooters have to practice using the same cliber their guns were designed for (so if it a 9mm they should use a 9 mm caliber, no conversion kits).

OK..New to this arena, Here is something to share as I was playing around with my new CZ 75 SP01 conversion kit at the range..I noticed in one of my shooting sessions that I was thumbing (as suggested by a group of shots that came in off center to the right of the target)..Also I have been reading lately the BLOG of Massad Ayoob (excellent website by the way and a must for every beginner shooter), I tried to use one of his suggested techniques to correct my thump position on the gun..I tried it and wow, it worked like magic...Here is the Range Report to share.. For more information on the subject, refer to Massad Ayoob's article:

Jimmy's Range Report: CZ 75 SP01 Tactical with the Kadet 22LR Kit