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    Quote Originally Posted by BeefyBeefo View Post
    That's probably a good idea. Did you see my post in the thread about "AMMO/AR" availability? If I had the money, I would buy probably 2000 rounds, but I don't. Your Walmart might have done the same thing as mine.

    I did see the thread. I've also been reading the headlines from Colorado to Florida, and even my home state about how stuff is flying off the shelves in panic buying sprees. If I spend money on ammo at Wally World this week, I've just got next week's check to go to the gun show on. Not looking for any firearms, just a couple accessories, some 20 round mags, and ammo pretty much. I'll have to summon my inner instincts on this ordeal. If it don't rain today or tomorrow, I'll be going to the range to shoot some of the current stock anyway. Once I find out ammo availability locally, I'll know better whether to curtail future range activity with the major calibers and just stick with 22lr, or buy more and still practice.

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    I pay the $8 in Orlando JUST TO GO SEE THE WEIRDOS AND MALL NINJAS!!!

    I agree the shoe is a good place to SHOP, since you'll find almost anything there, but I have my favorite shop on speed dial to check prices while I'm there...

    I don't buy much on emotion any more, so I can go with $500 in my pocket... in case I find what I'm looking for.

    I've also sold two guns at shows for MUCH more than the shops would give me in trade. Kind of like trading in a car. The dealer will screw you, but you can get more for it in the paper (or in this case, the gun show...).

    Go to shop, and go to sell, and go to watch the freaks!


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    I bought my Taurus PT145 at a show as did my buddy with his 9mm and had no issues. Theres always a risk, but just be carefull. HG

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