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    Wow and here I thought the $50 that my local gun shop charges is too much. I do feel kind of awkward having guns delivered to them but the people their are very friendly and understanding and apparently they have been receiving guns from Buds for a while.

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    Are Taurus guns ok? I've noticed that their prices are cheaper, they aren't crap weapons, are they?

    These are buds prices: What's the best value:

    608SS4 (8rd) ... $419
    65SS4 (6rd)... $341
    66SS4 (7rd)... $375

    Is it just the capacity that's the diff?

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    Among the ones you mentioned the 608 is easily worth the extra money. In addition to being an 8 shot, it is also a large frame whereas the other two are medium frame revolvers. It is therefore a more substantial gun, will handle the mag loads better over the long run, and the additional weight/size will make it a softer shooter, lower recoil.

    I'm not that familiar with Taurus revolvers, but Taurus is a major manufacturer and has it's own forum here to reflect that fact. Just don't expect to get S&W quality at these prices though. That however, doesn't mean it's not a good gun. You could tell alot just by picking up the gun, seeing how it looks and checking out the fit and finish. You know, spin the cylinder, check the tolerances, try the trigger etc.. While at the gun store see if they have a 686 or other .357 S&W for comparison purposes. The 686 is one of the all time great .357 revolvers.

    You may want to post up the question in the Taurus forum or in the general revolver area. Your question will more likely show up on the radar of one of the guys more familiar with these guns.

    Here's a link to a thread about Taurus revolvers: Any Taurus revolver problems? I want details!

    BTW, Taurus makes a version of the Beretta 92FS under license from Beretta (Taurus model 92 as well). It is also less money than the Beretta, though again, don't expect the same level of quality. Since reliability is such an issue with semi-autos (not that it isn't with revolvers, but you know what I mean), I would definitely research this in the Taurus forum before buying. I personally don't know that much about the Taurus 92, but it may be a very good gun.

    Here's a link to a thread comparing the Taurus and Beretta: Pt-92

    And here's a link to the Taurus website:

    hope this helps.
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    I, too, would suggest a revolver. If you look around you should be able to find a nice used Smith & Wesson for a lot less than $600. I would think you can get some of the new S&Ws for under $600 as well.

    I see good K frames (mostly .38 Special) for around $300 at the gun stores on a regular basis. The whole idea of being able to shoot .357 Magnum rounds is very good, but in reality, in my experience, most never do. The .38 Special is very pleasant to shoot and will do a good job for home defense with the right ammo. As a matter of fact, our (my wife and I) shared home defense gun is a Smith & Wesson model 15-3.

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