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    35 33.02%
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    37 34.91%
  • Rubber/Pistol

    52 49.06%
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Thread: Wood vs. Rubber

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    Quote Originally Posted by tony pasley View Post
    Wood grips, rubber is what a teenage boy keeps in his back pocket hoping to get lucky.

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    I always put rubber on my wood!

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    Quote Originally Posted by BigMatt View Post
    I always put rubber on my wood!
    Been here, said that.
    See post 06/12/08.

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    ...Funny that I just saw this poll today...the eyes just ain't what they used to be......I've wondered about this recently myself as I've just purchased my first pistol...a PT99. I've been a wheelgun kinda guy all my life and that's what I shot. With the need to get a less traumatic reaction upon my wrist from the firing of a handgun...I opted for the automatic. ( wrist got all busted up )...Are there more benefits to staying with the "hard rubber" or switching to wood...All my revolvers were wood and I loved 'em...

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    I liked the rubber w/wood inlaid on my old 357.

    Both isn't a choice tho on the poll. Heh

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    A couple weeks ago I took a stainless 7 1/2" NMSB 44 mag. in partial trade for one of my Elk bows, it had the rosewood grips and kept slipping in my hand, I made a set of Elk antler grips for it, they look great but still slipped, so I ordered a Hogue mono-grip....which is a fine hold, doesn't slip, and fits my large hand a little better, but looks kinda cheap, so I'm going to make an Elk antler grip about the same size, just a little more palm swell and better fitting grooves....I'm new to this site and don't know if this may be a no-no but I'd be willing to trade the Elk antler grips for a weaver scope mount to fit this weapon....Steve

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    I'm not a fan of wood at all. I'm all about the rubber.

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    Grips, like handguns, are VERY personal. And there's way too many variables to list here....

    A couple of examples:

    My 10.5" RSBH has a Hogue Monogrip currently. This grip has an open backstrap that allows it to 'give' some w/o killing your hand. It combines the roll of a plow-handle with the master grip retention of a combat grip. It also lentghens the 'pull' distance allowing for much improved trigger control and knuckle protection while shooting off-hand or hunting ovre the stock panels.

    Wood: will get very very slippery when sweated on or bloody. (checking is for rifles kiddies....)
    The stock 'plow-handle' panels are a great winter option for shooting with gloves on or general shooting with gloves when needing knuckle protection. These roll way too much w/o gloves for me, slick as ice when sweated on and pull is much too short.
    Smooth wood, finger relieved grips like a Pau Ferro Hogue are simply wonderful for shooting from a rest. They are the fullest and allow a lot of slip w/o totally losing control.

    This handgun goes through dramatic changes with just 3 different grips/panels.


    My 2.5" RSRH Alaskan has a factory equipped Hogue Monogrip with a 'sorbothane' like backstrap. Shooting DA rollers reqiures a very high master grip. This insert really soaks up some shock and allows the recoil to disapate some as the grip compresses w/o the loss of master grip. (depending on the load you are shooting, of course.....this thing is a monster fire belcher with the Heavy's.) I personaly would not shoot this one very effectively w/ any other grip. Shooting this with a GP100 style composition 'targetish/carry' type grip would be fatigueing at the very best and master grip would suffer tremendously.


    I'm not a collector so....If I had a cherry M-29 I it would be a safe queen and stay in the box.
    So- asthetics aside:

    For me it depends on the conditions, type of shooting and the firearm combined with the latter.

    Switching grips and panels also adds to one's collection as it totally changes the characteristics of the firearm. Different grip/panel = totally different gun.

    In short- I have no set preference as they vary with the many different types of shooting. Rarely does one grip do it all to perfection as there is usually some compromise (conceal vs. print/snag resistance, traction vs. chaffing/pounding from recoil etc).

    Try many, they are mostly cheap and it's like having many different handguns as close as your screwdriver.
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    Tactical or combat or defensive uses, I choose rubber, less possible chance to slip, water proof, chemical proof, so on so forth, however, I will always go for wood when it comes to beauty, i think rubber is damn ugly but it works, wood on the other hand....b-e-a-utiful

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