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    Browning Pro 40 vs Glock

    I own a Glock 23 and love the way it shoots. I also love the old thumb safety. Love the 40 cal. Found that the Browning Pro 40 has both traits. Does the Pro 40 shoot as accurately as the Glock 23, or will I regret trading the Glock for the Browning?? Anyone shot both of these? Need advice. Ghostrider06

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    If you love the way the Glock 23 shoots then why change anything at all? Just my .02


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    Browning Pro series handguns no longer marketed. Deleted from Browning website. Browning is owned by FN Herstal.

    From: FN vs Browning
    Quote Originally Posted by Shipwreck View Post
    The Fn will come with 3 mags, the Browning Pro 9 comes with 2.

    I believe that the Browning can be cocked and locked - the FN cannot unless you get the SAO variant.

    And, the sear is slightly different between the 2.

    Realistically - it is the same gun essentially.

    However - The browning version will be discontinued/has been discontinued. Only the FN version will be sold in the USA from now on. So, if you want it - better get it quick. All that's left is what is on dealer shelves.

    You'll still be able to get it serviced by FN/Browning, however

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