Denial Questions
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    Denial Questions

    Hey y'all, new to this forum and hoping to stick around but I need some help and advice, and I figured this would be the best place to come. So here is my situation...

    - I am a 22yo green card holder from the U.K., I live in Kansas, I own a rifle already.
    - I went to Academy to purchase a handgun, while using their iPad to fill out the 4473 with the clerk the question pertaining to "non-immigrant visas" was answered incorrectly due to error. I was told "we are going to run the NICS check, it should be about 20 minutes". Not five minutes later, I was given a denial which was then spotted as being due the error on the form. I was given no instruction on appealing so I am unsure if the check was even run, or if the manager just said no due to the form error. Either way, I was falsely told I can't buy a gun for 30 days, which is in fact a store policy, not the law.
    - My question is, in both cases, if it was a NICS denial, or just a store denial, isnthere anything stopping me visiting another establishment today, and filling out the 4473 correctly and purchasing a handgun?


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    You should contact them to find out if it was a denial if it was appeal it. If it was just the store policy then go some where else.

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    ohio territory?
    you have to be a U.S citizen to purchase a firearm not on a green card.

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    I would do some computer searching on this one, because I don't know for sure how that would work out with your status. Did you buy the rifle here or in the U.K., and bring it with you?

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