Seeking Range Officers

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      Seeking Range Officers

      World 3 Gun is having an open house this Thursday August 14th from 5pm – 9pm in Farmington Hills MI, for all shooting enthusiasts (male and female) interested in becoming a local range officer and/or instructors. Seeking individuals with any basic/advanced firearms training and have a passion for personal firearm education. These individuals need to be personable, communicative, enthusiastic and coachable. Instructor licensing is not a pre-requisite for these roles but please indicate to W3G if you currently maintain such licensing. You will be introduced to the entire W3G offering and experience the immense amount of fun and excitement we enjoy daily. Email your name, phone, email and a time on Thursday you would like to reserve to discuss the opportunity further. You will have the opportunity to shoot so please wear comfortable shoes.

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      Are these paid instructor positions?

      Message sent, we'll see what happens.

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