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    Mass q's

    hey guys i have two questions actually:

    1.) i got my LTC A but it has a restriction on it that states "condition of employment". i mentioned that i wanted the licence as an initial step for the FFDO program (federal flight deck officer). i'm not in that program right now and won't be for some time - what does the restriction actually mean?

    2.) a family member in CT has a gun and would like to give it to me. what steps do i need to take to legally use the weapon in mass?


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    I think that your best bet would be to call either the state police or the PD that issued your LTC to find out the answers to both those questions. Seeking legal advice on an internet forum can lead to all kids of problems. No matter how well intentioned the advice may be, the answer could be wrong and you potentially could get yourself into hot water when a 5 minute phone call to the proper people would have gotten you all the correct answers you needed.

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    HUM, ok you got a state permit to carry on a Federal job. Also I would understand you can only carry if your job requires it.

    EMPLOYMENT – restricts possession to business owner engaged in business activities or to an employee while engaged in work related activities, and maintaining proficiency, where the employer requires carry of a firearm (i.e. armored car, security guard, etc.). Includes travel to and from activity location.

    I'd make that phone call Todd sugested

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    sounds good guys... appreciate the advice!

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