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    Gun Collecting

    Does anyone know of any good sources -- online, books, businesses, people, etc -- when it comes to gun collecting in Louisiana? Trying to find out more about this hobby without getting ripped off in the process. Any info is appreciated.

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    The keys to gun collecting:
    1. Pick a subject matter (WW1, American Martial Muzzleloaders, Nazi-Marked Pistols, The Civil War) and learn everything you can about it by reading extensively.
    2. Don't "scattergun." Stick to your subject matter and become expert in it.
    3. Buy only the highest-quality examples you can afford.
    4. Expect to be "ripped off," at least in the first few purchases. We learn by making mistakes.

    Everybody I once knew in the field is now dead. Sorry.

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    ...and be prepared for numb-nuts to refer to your collection as an "arsenal"

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