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    .17 rifles

    Hey guys, You would think 4 handguns would keep me occupied. But, I've been tempted into longer distance shooting. Need ya'lls oppinions on .17 rifles. I'm kinda leaning towards a Savage. Don't have a model number yet but I really feel for the tigger pull and feel. Any suggestions, comments and/or warning would be great.

    Thanks, Bottomdweller

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    I don't know much about them but they look interesting.Last year I believe Remington found problems with their's,I think the mach2 variety,and didn't recall them-meaning you're stuck with it.If you dry fire one,make sure it had a limiting firing pin so it can't eat up the edge if the chamber.Good luck in your quest.

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    As with any firearm selection, the first thing to determine is what you plan to use it for. If just target shooting, there are plenty of more accurate rounds than the .17. If you are looking for long -distance, that round just won't carry much over 200 yards. You might look at a decent rifle chambered for the .223 Rem. Very good all around caliber. Good luck, just get what suits you best.

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