Heavy & slow vs light & fast

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      Heavy & slow vs light & fast

      Over the past 50+ years i have hunted the East coast whitetail with many different caliber rifles. For up close ranges say 175 yards or less. My two favorite has always been 45/70 and 35Wheen. Due to lot less meat damage. For long range i like the 06 and 308, but don't like the amount of meat damage.
      Anyone else base there caliber on meat damage?

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      I base my caliber on what I shoot well and my shot placement on meat damage. When 150 yards or less on a deer I will always try to make a neck shot. On Elk mostly the same. Over 150 yards I choose a caliber that will not only kill the animal but knock it down. Under 150yards I use a 30/30 or a .308 for longer range I use the .06 or a 300 Win. I have killed manymany animals and have lost very liitle meat due to damage from my shot.

      I love to hunt and I love to bring home dinner.


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