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    A "Semi-Scout" Rifle

    Here's my old "Semi-Scout" practical-shooting rifle, finally in its new stock after having waited 12 years in our basement in pieces. It's a M1903 action from the mid-1930s, with a 1943 barrel, Lyman and Burris sights, and a 10-round magazine.
    (The AP rounds are collectors' items from WW2.)

    It'll hold about a minute-of-angle from the bench, which is far better than I can do in the field. That bipod helps a lot, of course. It's an important feature of this new stock. (Previously, I used a Colt's "clothespin," hung on a separate boss built-onto the fore-end.)

    Here's the bipod completely stowed away, becoming the stock's fore-end tip!
    Neat, huh?

    Here's a close-up of its nice old Lyman #48 receiver sight that I found at a Los Angeles County gun parts, at two different tables!
    Here, too, is the 10-round magazine box I designed. A gunsmith friend cobbled two Springfield '03A3 magazine boxes together, and added a floorplate hinge and a strong latch. I adapted a BAR-magazine spring to an existing '03A3 follower.
    Using files and stones, I gave the rifle a three-pound, single-stage trigger. I couldn't get rid of about 1/8" of pre-letoff creep without compromising safety.

    Pachmayr used to make and sell this neat removable butt-pad assembly. It attaches with an interrupted-dovetail sort of arrangement, and it is held in place by a very strong latch.
    I added Fiberglas tubes, both as stock stiffeners and as a place to stow a cleaning rod, tools, and spare parts. One of the tools is a wrench for the scope mounts.

    Having descended into my dotage in the intervening years, the new stock was assembled to the old rifle by a nice young man, James Reid, here on the island, who has just graduated from gunsmithing school. He did a lovely job!
    One funny thing: The original wooden stock I made for it, almost 30 years ago, is a pound-and-a-half lighter than this new plastic one is!

    Now I have to take the outfit to the mainland, where I can sight it in at 300 yards. I'll have to calculate sight corrections for greater distances. I miss our 1,050-yard, Southern California range! (We have a scant 100 yards, here on the island.)

    (That neat stock was made by Brent Clifton, of Clifton Arms, Grand Prairie, Texas.)

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    A fine rifle, with a nice combination of features, some of which are darn clever.

    I especially like the magazine; it appears well designed and executed!

    The sloped front scope ring looks to be an extension of the angled line of the scout scope mount base. Bravo!

    Hope it shoots well for you!
    "Placement is power" -- seen in an article by Stephen A. Camp
    (RIP, Mr. Camp; you will be remembered, and missed)

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    Nice rifle Steve - I saw one exactly like it at a gun show last week.

    Just kidding. Truly a one of a kind custom rifle. Thanks for sharing.

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    Very very nice Steve

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