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    My New 10/22

    I only bought this partly because it was pretty. LOL! I've wanted a Ruger 10/22 for some time now, but this one caught my eye big time. I made the "which 10/22" choice based on how pretty the stock was. Have been pulling a lot of overtime and have scored a few bonuses, so I had some mad money and ran into a sale on 10/22s. It was fate. LOL! Colors are gray, wood, and red.

    Camera's acting up, this photo is crappy, but still.

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    Suh Weeeet.

    I like the little 10/22s there a nice shooting gun. Enjoy and burn MANy MAny cases of amunition.

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    Great choice! Those are some cool colors on that laminate stock; never seen that particular combo before. The laminates are a bit heavier, but very stable and resistant to warping.

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    Nice gun!

    Possum stew for supper?

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    Nice! Friend of mine had a laminated stock on his 10/22, just the gray and wood.

    Quote Originally Posted by SuckLead View Post
    ran into a sale on 10/22s
    Where?? I've been wanting to get one, and just happen to have gotten my yearly bonus yesterday.
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