Who does their own Rifle smithing?

    View Poll Results: Doing your own work. multiple choice

    24. You may not vote on this poll
    • Basic cleaning

      24 100.00%
    • Field strip

      23 95.83%
    • Detail cleaning

      23 95.83%
    • Trigger adjustment

      15 62.50%
    • Trigger replacement

      12 50.00%
    • Stock replacement

      19 79.17%
    • Stock work (checkering, free float, etc)

      9 37.50%
    • Basic scope mounting

      21 87.50%
    • Drill and tap for mounts

      7 29.17%
    • Simple barrel replacement

      11 45.83%
    • Rechambering

      3 12.50%
    • Complete semi custom work

      3 12.50%
    • Full on custom guns

      2 8.33%
    • I don't/can't do anything

      0 0%
    • I need tools before I can do any work

      1 4.17%
    • Not interested

      0 0%
    • Don't have any rifles

      0 0%
    Multiple Choice Poll.
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      Feb 2006

      Who does their own Rifle smithing?

      How many of you guys do some or all of your own work?

      This is mulitple choice.

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      Member hberttmank's Avatar
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      May 2006
      I have done my own work.

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      May 2006
      Pac NW
      I'll do whatever I can and feel comfortable with - the big limiting factor is lack of tooling and space for a full-blown shop. And also, I'll only take on new or difficult work on my own guns - I'm not to a point where I feel comfortable doing all but the most basic smithing on someone elses pride and joy.

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      Senior Member Baldy's Avatar
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      Jun 2006
      Port St.John,FL.
      I just do the light stuff on my own guns. If I don't have the right tools I don't fool with it.

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      Member Revolver's Avatar
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      Aug 2006
      I qualify for most when it comes to the AR15 platform.

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      Senior Member Steve M1911A1's Avatar
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      Feb 2008
      Northwest Washington State
      Actually, my answers should all be in the past tense.
      I have my competition Springfield, with which I quite successfully shot practical exercises at least once a month for many years, in pieces, in a case in my basement workshop, waiting for me to complete it. I haven't gotten to it in the past 10 years!
      That's because where I now live there is no place to shoot it. No incentive, you see.

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      Junior Member biotech's Avatar
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      Oct 2008
      All but the last 4.

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