Dove Tail Questions
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    Dove Tail Questions

    **Moderator Note: Moved from this thread: dovetail slots on various 1911 pistols**

    I'm with radar when it comes to the dimensions of rear sights, but I have a different problem. I need an aftermarket sight that's click-adjustable for windage and elevation, with a 3/8" x 60 degree dovetail. I'll be putting it on a rifle, which is the problem. I know the dimensions of my dovetail cut, but not what pistol the proper sight will fit. From searching, it looks like a sight from a Colt 1911 might fit my rifle, but it's hard to tell for sure.

    Basically, if anyone here knows what standard, popular pistol has a rear 3/8" x 60 degree dovetail cut, I can take the search from there.

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    What kind of rifle?

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