Any suggestions on a red dot sight??

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      Any suggestions on a red dot sight??

      Soo i bought a smith and wesson m&p 15 .223 the other day and it came optic ready...I came home to search online to buy a red dot sight with a laser and mayb a flashlight on the sides..Ive only found one place but it only comes with an inch raise so you can still use the iron sights which i dont have..Any ideas on where i can find a "cheap" red dot sight with possibly a laser on it?? Im only looking to spend around $200..If anyone could help me out it would be greatly appreciated..Thank you in advance..

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      Found that at Cabella' No idea of the quality. I'm a bit of an optic snob and beleive there's a reason why quality optics can cost as much, and sometimes more, than the gun. IIRC my Aim Point, Mount, and BUIS on my AR cost over $600. Granted that's not as much as the gun in this case, but it is possible. And not one problem 2 years later. I'd personally rather go without and save up than buy something that is going to have to be replaced within a year.

      My suggestion is get a good set of iron sights, fixed or flip up, (you'll need them if your red dot goes down) and then save up for an Aim Point, EO Tech, or ACOG.

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