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    Quote Originally Posted by js View Post
    I called Kimber today and told them about what it's doing... They said to send it back to them, so I'll box it up tonight and ship it out via UPS tomorrow morning.
    Being from MA. I can't buy a new Kimber, I sold my almost new series 70 Gold Cup so I could buy a kimber and in the two weeks I took to decide which one to buy they changed the law on me, so this is a few years later and having little choice I bought a new Smith 1911, I belong to two clubs just over the state line in RI. and know quite a few shooters who own Kimbers and all of them have had issues, most of them Kimber said would go away after a five hundred round break in period, but some others have had to send in their guns to get them fixed, a couple of them are the shorty guns and they continue to have feed problems even after the trip back to kimber, it's eally too bad, they seem to be well built guns and good looking too.
    Well good luck with yours, I'm sure they'll fix it for you, Kimber would not be where it's at if they didn't make a good product, everything manufactured gets a glitch once in a while.

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    Not just a Kimber issue

    I've got a dime sized burn above my eyebrow from a Les Baer that liked to land them right on my head. Unforutnately settling on top of my glasses on occasion. Let's hope ejector filing if the answer to our prayers.

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    Removal of the external extractor isn't really difficult...

    Depressing the firing pin safety (FPS), and firing pin allows the firing pin stop to come down and off the rear of the slide. This frees the firing pin and spring to be removed out the rear of the slide AND ALSO frees the rear extractor "plug" and spring to be removed from the rear of the slide.

    Once they are out, that frees the front extractor plunger and extractor to be removed from the ejection port. Just rotate the tip of the extractor out and lift it free of its recess, then slide the front plunger out. Be careful to note the position of the front plunger as it has a flat on one side and must be reinstalled in the same orientation.

    I don't know about spring life, but cleaning should be done at least every 1000 rounds, and I like every 500 better.

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